Things useful in Lofoten in the summer.

10 things needed in Lofoten in the summer.

Warmth, warmth, getting warmer. Summer in Lofoten is slightly different than summer in central Europe. The two biggest differences are, first of all, the air humidity, which is of course much larger on the islets of the Lofoten archipelago. Secondly, in Lofoten, the strong sun, which is visible in the sky 24 hours a day, can surprise you. In addition, due to latitude, the sun is quite low, which translates into a long and strong exposure.

Below is a list of 10 items to consider when packing for a holiday trip to North Norway.

  1. Cream with a filter, a lot of cream with a filter. Why is it worth choosing a waterproof cream? Because the weather in Lofoten is very changeable. Even if “now” is a beautiful clear sky, in 15 minutes the rain may fall, and after a while it will be sunny again.
  2. Sunglasses. My eyes get tired quickly in the sun, which hits from above and reflects off the sea. It is worth taking care of glasses with a UV filter.
  3. Good trekking boots for ankle. As light as possible.
  4. Cap with a visor or something that you can put on your head.
  5. Something with a long sleeve, a rain jacket.
  6. If you need silence and darkness to sleep, bring an eye mask and ear plugs with you. Gulls can be really loud.
  7. For sure, take a camera and do not forget about lens and tulip filters. Yes, it is a very strong sun. These gadgets are very useful in Lofoten in the summer. Even if you have good equipment without a filter, the photo can come out with a mist effect.
  8. Swimsuit. Even if you do not plan to take a bath, and I warn you that the water is very cold, you can always sunbathe on the beach. Yes, there are sandy beaches on Lofoten where you can relax. Read a book or spend time more actively. At some there are also additional attractions for children.
  9. A good bottle or thermos so that you can refill the amount of water. I remind you that in Norway you drink tap water. Absolutely no need to buy bottled water. Short with the rest is quite expensive. I would like to remind you that if we want such a bottle with hand luggage at check-in it must be empty!
  10. Something around the neck. In fjords, in the mountains larger and smaller sometimes a really strong wind blows. It’s good to have something around your neck, shawl, scarf or thin chimney. I have almost always a chimney with me 🙂

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