Rorbu, what exactly is it?

Rorbu, what exactly is it?

If you are looking for accommodation in Norway, you probably come across this name every now and then.
Rorbu are traditional Norwegian fishing houses.

Once this type of construction was used by fishermen. Many fishing villages still have rows of such houses. Now they have been renovated and are rented to tourists.

The exterior is characterized by the fact that part of the building stands on stilts in the water. Thanks to this, once fishermen had good access to the boat. And now you can have great access to the sea if you want to fish for a fishing rod, for example. Quite often grass grows on the roofs of the houses. It was once intended for goats. Now as a traditional decoration. The buildings are painted from the outside in red or orange.

Rorbu inside are usually arranged to refer to fishing. Most of them offer comfortable accommodation. But differently with the standard. In some of them we have a fireplace, comfortable beds, modern equipment. And there are also cheaper objects with very modest equipment. It’s worth to look at the pictures before booking accommodation.

Three of the coolest facilities that offer fishing houses are in my opinion: in Svolvær -Slovøya Rorbuer, in Hamnøy – Eliassen Rorbuer, in Reine – Reine Rorbuer – by Classic Norway.

Important – in Lofoten, fishing is still a very important part of the inhabitants’ life. So if you decide to come in the season, you can watch the work of “fishermen” right next to your cottage. When? More or less from February to June. In winter, the fish caught are hung and in the summer dry removable. Yes. On wooden structures in fishing villages hang fish, fish heads, fillets, salted fillets.

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