Norway food prices

Norway food prices of basic food products.

For most Europeans, prices in Norway are quite high. I do not know where you come from, so you have to compare yourself. To make it easier, I give prices in Norwegian kroner, Euro and US dollars.

Prices are rounded to help you understand prices better. Without getting lost in numbers.

Food prices:

Bread in my area costs from 14 to 60 NOK, that is from 1 to 6 Euro or 2-7 USD. If you are a fan of bread, I do not recommend the cheapest one. For the cheapest I say sawdust. Good bread is the more expensive. 🙁 If you need something in the style of bread, but you do not want to overpay, look around for Polarbrød – it’s this kind of bread.

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Eggs – the bigger the package, the less expensive one egg gets. For example, 18 eggs can be bought for around 50 NOK – about 5 Euro or 6 USD. The purchase of 6 eggs is usually a price from NOK 20, that is from 2 Euro, 2 USD.

Butter, milk and oil cost around NOK 20 – 2 Euro, 2 USD.

Below the table with basic food products:

Norway food prices, table with basic food products norway

As you can see, meat and sausages are expensive, at least for me 🙂. People who go to Norway and can not live without meat, I recommend taking packaged cold cuts. I suggest to all the others rest from meat. In Norway, canned products are quite cheap. Inexpensive is beans, corn and tuna and canned mackerel. A can of good tuna in pieces costs 9 NOK or about 1 Euro, 1 USD.

Food prices in Norway are quite high, but you can survive by shopping with your head 🙂

Current promotions in stores can be checked in the Mattilbud app.


And where are you from and are prices in Norway higher or lower than in your country?

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