Northern lights Norway When where to watch the aurora

Northern lights Norway. When and where to watch the Aurora. When does it occur, where can you watch the northern lights?

When can you observe the northern lights?

Then when it’s dark.

In the case of Lofoten, this is the period from September to March. In a sense, the nights are dark – the polar night does not last much;) The more north, the earlier it gets dark. The longer polar night is in the north of Norway and on Svalbard. In the summer there is a polar day, the so-called white nights and midnight sun phenomenon.

When the sky is clear!

Prosaic, but you have to remember about it. Therefore, if you are going to the north only to see the northern lights, you really should come for a minimum of a few days (3-4). The weather in the north is very unpredictable, it’s better to come for longer than let down.

In the darkest places, away from lights and cities.

The darker the better. Lofoten is a great place, there are mainly villages and a few small towns. In addition, there is the sea and beautiful mountains here. I have some of my favorite places around Reine, maybe someday I will throw a map with nice places to watch the aurora. Would anyone want?

Be sure to take good cameras with you for a longer exposure and a tripod. And good shoes. And in general here is such a winter necessity.


You can find forecasts of the Northern Lights at the bottom of the page.

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