Lofoten weather

Lofoten weather, what is the weather in Lofoten, what do you need to prepare for when the weather is nice in Lofoten?

Lofoten weather – like in the mountains by the sea happens: D The weather in Lofoten is very changeable. Usually we are dealing here with the wind, especially in the higher parts of the terrain.

Is it frighteningly cold in winter?

Well, no, the temperature almost all winter is only a few degrees below zero. The average daily temperature in January and February is around -1 degree, which is not so cold at all, right? In Warsaw at the same time it is colder: P

But! The sensible temperature is lower by the wind from the sea. We have the impression that it is colder than in reality.

The advantages of winter in Lofoten:
Fabulous northern lights! Unforgettable views of snow-capped peaks by the sea. Cod fishing. Accommodation is at lower prices than in summer.

Winter disadvantages:
Polar night, dark, gray. There are storms. Snow and ice on the roads.

How is in summer in Lofoten?

It happens that it is hot and sunny several hours continuously: O Serio, in June and July we have here the midnight sun phenomenon. It also happens that for half a month the rain drops twice: once a week, once 7 days 🙁

And the most common is that the weather often changes, from day to day, and actually from hour to hour. In one day, it can be beautiful, sunny and hot, and raining. Plus, you can see a beautiful rainbow 🙂

The advantages of summer in Lofoten: climbing and hiking the mountains is much easier without snow and ice, more places are open, shops are longer active. You can swim (there are water equipment rentals).

Disadvantages of summer: It’s crowded, bad weather and a few days rain. Kampers cause traffic jams. It’s hard to find a free room without prior reservation.


Lofoten weather september

Lofoten weather September, the first northern lights in the season and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Lofoten weather September is the end

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