Lofoten weather september

Lofoten weather September, the first northern lights in the season and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Lofoten weather September is the end of summer. In September, the first northern lights appear at night with a cloudless sky. This is a unique phenomenon and it is really worth to see it with your own eyes. The first auroras appear already at the end of August.

The days are still long enough to be able to fully use them, you can hike in the mountains, swim on the sea, take beautiful pictures of the landscape. In September there are exceptionally beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

The weather, like the seaside, can be very changeable.

Unfortunately, it’s raining quite often, so you need to have the right shoes and clothes. In October there is still more, so if you are thinking about coming in the end of summer, I suggest September.

The average daily temperature in September is about 10 degrees C.

In September there is no more crowds, there are fewer tourists, most attractions are still available. Many places in September have slightly lower prices than in the high season.

Prices of off-season flights can also be found at slightly more affordable prices.


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