Lofoten Norway – A handful of information about Lofoten

Lofoten Norway – Lofoten Archipelago

Lofoten Norway – really one of the most beautiful places in the world. Imagine mountains by the sea. In the sea of plowing, and in the sky the northern lights. The jaw drops at the thought itself? I am still enjoying the views here, and I have lived here since 2017.

Lofoten is a picturesque archipelago in Norway, in the county of Nordland. This region is famous for its fish industry, not only for beautiful views. Every year, in the area around mid-January, the Skrei season starts here – lapses of cod are coming to the Lofoten area. From January to March intensive cod fishing is underway. In the nearby villages, you can observe the work of fishermen.

You can get here by land by car (very long journey), by ferry (car or on foot), by plane / planes.

The length of the Lofoten Islands is 112 kilometers, but because of the very winding and narrow roads, it is important to drive them along the E10 road over 300 km, that is at least 5 hours by car.

On the whole length from north to the mainland there is a mass of fantastic places, beautiful mountains, charming bays, even sandy beaches. From time to time, a museum. The biggest attraction of Lofoten is for free, just go outside;)

Accommodation can be found here in every village. There are apartments, fishing cabins, so-called rorbouer, hostels and guest houses. Everyone will find something for themselves, but I warn you, prices on Lofoten are very high. The price of accommodation in the summer season is the expense from 800 to 3000 NOK, that is 80 – 300 € :O

And as with high prices, we are saying that food is really expensive. A dish in the restaurant costs around  300 NOK, dinner for 30€. The bar, yogurt, donut costs from 15 to 30 NOK (1,5 – 3€).

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