Lofoten in winter 10 necessary things needed in winter

Winter in Lofoten. A list of 10 essential items needed in winter.

  1.  Hooded jacket – resistant to wind and frost.
  2. Spikes on the tires – there is a layer of ice on the roads for several months, the conditions are really difficult. Winter tires alone are not enough for Norwegian winter.
  3. Crampons for shoes – in winter in Lofoten, the sidewalks are covered with a layer of ice and snow for several months. Crayfish save from slipping and possible falls. I wear it and I highly recommend it!
  4. Camera – for taking photos of the northern lights! If you are in Lofoten in winter, be sure to look out for the northern lights! In addition, there are beautiful mountains and the sea and many other curiosities. Remember to power up your camera!
  5. Solid ankle boots. It is easy to lose grip on the Lofoten roads. Even if you do not plan to walk in the mountains, take with you solid, warm shoes. Consider also taking shoes for a change, easily soaking your shoes in high snow.
  6. A flashlight. You know that at the peak of the night, the Lofoten takes about 20 hours? It is very dark. The flashlight can be very useful. Many people use headlamps. Remember about batteries!
  7. Insurance. It is good to have your insurance card with you. When arranging insurance, remember that Norway does not belong to the European Union!
  8. Thermos. It is cold in winter, the wind is blowing. It’s always good to drink something warm 🙂
  9. Warm socks. Warm, thick socks in large quantities – always in my suitcase.
  10. Fishing rod. In February and March, skrei is reaching the coast of the Lofoten Islands. Cod from which Norway is famous. A delicacy appreciated all over the world. If you’re interested in fishing, you can try your skills.

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