How to get to Lofoten Islands? Travel time and prices

How to get to Lofoten Islands?

How to get to Lofoten Islands? The most popular and cheapest road is a male to Norway, you have to get to Bodo, and from there take a ferry and sail to Lofoten.

Search for a flight to Bodo.

No matter where you are in the world, the destination counts. I recommend simply to enter in the flight search engine Bodo, Bodo Airport, Norway (BOO). Most likely, your most comfortable and cheapest route will be run through Oslo.

Check ticket availability

For the purpose of this post I checked several routes and found something like this: As you can see, it is worth

checking the prices of flights in advance, you can find really great prices.

how to get to lofoten islands from usa



Norway is an expensive country, so it will probably be better if you do shopping in your duty-free zone after check-in, make sure you buy something to drink in a screwed bottle. I also recommend buying alcohol, because in Norway alcohol is really expensive, 1 beer costs 25-35 NOK, or about 3 €, wine from 100 NOK – 10 €, vodka 0.5 from 200 NOK, or 20 €. A packet of 130 NOK cigarettes – 13 €.

There is a really big airport in Oslo, a lot of shops, a lot of cafes and restaurants. If you have to wait a few hours for the next flight, you will probably get hungry. Prices at the airport are Norwegian: burger, tortilla costs about 100 NOK – 10 €, small water 30 NOK – 3 €. There are water holes at Oslo airport where you can pour bottled water or drink directly from them. You can also simply drink tap water in whole Norway.

From Oslo to Bodo: plane (flight takes 1.5 hours)

Bodø is a town with 50,000 inhabitants. Once we get to this small airport, we leave it and head for the ferry station. How to get to Lofoten Islands drom Bodo? Immediately at the exit from the terminal there is a carport at which taxis stop. If you have the time and desire you can also go on foot – it is possible;) However, if you decide to take a taxi, the cost of a taxi is 150-200 NOK or 15-20 €. The price depends on the language in which you will say where you want to go. Seriously, they just take more from tourists. If you want it to be cheaper, try to say Norwegian:1. Ta meg til fergen. 2. Til ferge stasjonen. 3. Ferge til Moskenes, vær så snill. The taxi driver will take you to the ferry station.

From Bodo to Moskenes: ferry (the trip lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes)

The ferry ticket costs 221 NOK, or around 22 €. You will purchase it directly by going to the service ferry. You can pay by card and Norwegian cash. You will also get a list to enter. It’s for safety, just in case. 3 hours with a piece and you’re on Lofoten. The ferry goes to Moskenes. From there you can go by bus, taxi or rented car to your accommodation.
Remember to always book your plane tickets earlier, then you will pay less. Tickets bought for the last minute are usually horribly expensive.
And if you are going to Lofoten in the summer season, when there are a lot of tourists here, remember also to book accommodation in advance. The best dates disappear one year in advance.

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